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Pre-hab over Re-hab

You’re not overweight, you’ve no desire to have a 6-pack and you’re in good health – so why bother join a gym or stress over ‘healthy eating’? Have you ever heard the term ‘Prehab over Rehab’? You wouldn’t wait until you have a high-speed blow-out before you change a tyre (hopefully) so why do we, as a society have a tendency to wait for a health complication to occur before we begin working on lifestyle improvements?! Pre-hab is about putting a focus on managing physical conditioning in order to avoid illness or injury. An example would be to regularly visit a sports therapist to ensure that you remain supple rather than waiting for a strain to occur before you treat it. Your health, fitness and general well-being should be no different. We should be managing our lifestyle so that we need never fall in to a ‘risk category’ or have to work on reversing the damage caused by poor lifestyle choices. How often do you hear things such as “I could eat what I wanted and never had to exercise until I turned 40” …? At some point, your lifestyle will catch up with you, and when it does, rectifying years of damage is significantly harder than simply remaining active throughout your life. The beauty is, we have to be far less stringent when we’re working on maintaining health than we do when we’re working on improving on an area of concern. The recovery tends to be far more intensive as well as the debilitating nature of the issue caused by poor conditioning or lifestyle choices. Think about what you would like to be doing in 10 years.

Is your current lifestyle supporting that? Ask yourself, could you be doing more?

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