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Our Team.

We are so proud of our team and the dedication and passion they provide to each JWC member and personal training client.

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Heather Martin
Managing Director
Jack Curr
Managing Director
Becky Maher
Executive Manager
Becky Maher

With a passion for health living, Becky enjoys working with her clients through a blend of training and nutrition advice that allows you to enjoy life whilst achieving your goals. Focusing on results through motivation and dedication, Becky will help you to push yourself to new heights and leave every session with a sense of achievement.

Personal Trainer

Lewis Newstead

Personal Trainer

Lewis began his physical training career as a tennis coach where he realised his desire to help people to grow both physically and psychologically. Lewis is now continuing to grow and develop his career within the mainstream fitness setting, working with individuals who wish to challenge themselves to make healthier choices and change their mindset towards exercise. 

Sally James

As a successful international event rider, Sally knows the dedication and time required to realise your ambitions. Sally has 10 years equestrian coaching experience from true beginners to fellow international athletes and having been interested in sport and fitness from a very young age, now wants to combine these skills to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

Personal Trainer

Jo Conway

Personal Trainer - Sandbach

Jo has a real desire to help others learn to respect and love their body through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. She teaches group personal training and loves helping people to reach their goals, build confidence and gain the benefits that exercise can bring to their mental well-being. Jo is constantly developing her knowledge in the industry and is driven to helping others overcome any fears they may have of the gym environment. 

Hannah Magee

Personal Trainer

Having been involved in physical fitness from a young age as a rugby player, Hannah has experienced the results of being coached and now is motivated to help others improve their lifestyle. Hannah combines Sports Therapy techniques with her Personal Training clients to get the best possible results.

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James Griffiths

Personal Trainer

Previously an 800m athlete competing at the national level, James has used his passion for training and nutrition to help others take back control of their food relationships and get the results they deserve. As a nutritionist James will help you enjoy the foods you love whilst getting you amazing results. 

Erin Dilks

Personal Trainer

Erin has been an all round fitness fanatic since a very young age. Initially in boxing, having competed for many years! Having a wide range of knowledge from some of the best coaches in England, she then went on to pursue CrossFit, competing after her first week. She has an ever growing love for Hybrid training; and being surrounded by people who had the same mindset really pushed her to be the best she could be! Erin is keen to put her knowledge, passion and motivational skills into helping individuals achieve their goals!

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