The JWC Team

Meet our Personal Trainers

Becky Maher

With a passion for healthy living, Becky enjoys working with her clients through a blend of training and nutrition advice that allows you to enjoy life whilst achieving your goals. Focusing on results through motivation and dedication, Becky will help you to push yourself to new heights and leave every session with a sense of achievement.

Personal Trainer - Holmes Chapel

Stephen Hemming

Personal Trainer - Holmes Chapel

Having been in and around the fitness industry for a number of years, Stephen has worked with a wide range of clients, focusing on everything from muscle building to fat loss and pre and post operative preparation and rehabilitation. With a keen interest in strength training, Stephen uses his experience and knowledge to help clients achieve long term results.

Kate Bowers

Personal Trainer - Holmes Chapel

Kate has a very clear love for all things fitness and nutrition and is currently studying Exercise, Nutrition and Health at Salford University. For Kate, exercise is about more than the results; she believes that it greatly helps our mental well-being by giving us a break from reality and time to focus on our own needs. Kate teaches Group Personal Training and 1-1 Personal Training helping people achieve their health and nutrition goals.


Personal Trainer - Holmes Chapel

Lewis began his physical training career as a tennis coach where he realised his desire to help people to grow both physically and psychologically. Lewis is now continuing to grow and develop his career within the mainstream fitness setting, working with individuals who wish to challenge themselves to make healthy lifestyle choices and change their mindset towards exercise.

Sammi Hood

Personal Trainer - Holmes Chapel

Experienced in working with clients of all levels and abilities, Sammi has a genuine passion for her role and loves to help people gain confidence both inside and outside of the gym. Also qualified in lower back pain management and exercise referral, Sammi is able to prescribe physical activity to assist in the management of many common health conditions, such as high blood pressure, asthma, obesity and anxiety.

Tom Runnett

Loving all things health & fitness, Tom set out on a venture to help others share that same enthusiasm towards training and being active, believing the feeling you get both physically and mentally after you have completed a tough and rewarding session is matched by no other. Working with clients both 1 to 1 and in a group sessions, Tom keeps his sessions complex and fun ensuring you walk out of each session not only one step closer to your goals but with a huge smile on your face. 

Personal Trainer - Sandbach

Jo Conway

Fitness Coach - Sandbach

Jo has a real desire to help others learn to respect and love their body through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. She teaches group personal training and loves helping people to reach their goals, build confidence and gain the benefits that exercise can bring to their mental well-being. Jo is constantly developing her knowledge in the industry and is driven to helping others overcome any fears they may have of the gym environment. 


Chelsea is dedicated to help you transform your life and become the best version of yourself! Armed with knowledge, motivation and support, Chelsea will work with you to banish the idea of endless diets, quick fixes and negative mindsets as you adopt a new healthy lifestyle that suits you and your goals.

Personal Trainer - Sandbach