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 Snakes and Ladders  

Have you played Snakes and Ladders recently?! If you think that the answer is no, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong!

You see, life is a high-stakes game of Snakes and Ladders…

Health, fitness, and wellness is one particular area of life which we can easily draw similarities. But here’s the thing. Life, and in this case, health and fitness, is the best games of Snakes and Ladders imaginable… why?!

Because you can choose how many ‘snakes’ and how many ‘ladders’ are on your board!

Imagine this for a second. You are currently somewhere on that board, let’s for argument's sake that you’re sat at number 50.

Number 100 is the holy grail: optimal health. Whilst number 1 is as miserably unhealthy as you can ever remember being.

The ‘snakes’ on your board refer to things such as;

- Takeaway food

- Alcohol

- Inactivity

Whereas the ‘ladders’ on your board refer to things such as;

- Highly nutritious meals

- Regular exercise

- Sports massage

A board with no snakes would make for a very uninteresting game, but too many snakes and you’re fighting a losing battle!

If you want to progress through the game of life you MUST ensure more ladders than snakes.

You make the rules, and nobody is here to judge your tactics, but don’t add too many snakes and complain when you slide down the board.

Instead, think about how you can add a few more ladders and defang a few snakes!

Cheat Code: Unlike the traditional game, you need not play solo. Build a team of people around you to give you a ‘leg up’, or at thevery least, to foot your ladder!


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