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Benefits of training with a partner

Have you ever been that person who walks into a gym for the first time, completely on your own and you instantly feel scared, alone and isolated, even though you’re surrounded by people?

Have you ever been put off from joining and gym or going to your first gym class because you are going on your own?

Shall we start to break that ongoing barrier down?

How? Don’t go on your own!

It is proven that having a training partner really does help with motivation, commitment and pushing yourself past your comfort zone.

Firstly, having a training partner gives you someone to be accountable to. If you are regularly training together you begin to find yourself making it more of a social outing, which then results in higher levels of commitment in the long run. Instead of deciding to go to the pub to meet your friends or for an escape from your children why not go to the gym together and gain healthier and fitter lives whilst having your social date.

Secondly, you start to become slightly competitive with your training partner. If your partner is progressing that bit more quickly than you, it tends to become a competition of who can lift the most, who can run the fastest, who can plank the longest. Healthy, safe competition is always a good motivator to keep you going. When you set goals with another person it is proven that you are more likely to achieve that goal than if you did it alone. This is due to extra support, motivation and accountability.

Another benefit of training with a partner, is always having that friendly, well known face to be your go to person when you need them. Yes, you will make friends and soon feel included and relaxed within your gym environment, but it’s well known that most people prefer that instant support by their side from the moment they decide to exercise. A well-known barrier is the first part of your gym experience… walking through the door. Prevent this by taking someone with you and have that ‘safety net’ from the word go.

And finally, what could be better than you and your partner feeling healthier? Feeling more body confident. Feeling more energised. Feeling more alert and positive. All these things help to make your relationship stronger and happier. Becoming more body confident together will most definitely result in bringing you closer as a couple. When you both become fitter and healthier your lives then allow you to do a lot more stuff. Such as going on holiday, joint adventure activities, more active with your children and you know, more action!

Because don’t forget as the saying goes, “People who train together, stay together”.

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