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Nutrition wins are different for everyone...

Nutrition wins are different for everyone

It’s so easy to get caught up into all or nothing thinking. I think at one point or another we all fall victim to this. This can be especially true when talking about nutrition.

It’s so common to think that a win in the kitchen means ditching everything “bad” you ate before and eating chicken, broccoli and rice. Here’s the truth, we didn’t create our eating habits overnight. For most of us it’s unrealistic to think that it’s going to change immediately.

A nutrition win is highly individual. A win for you may not be a win for me and vice versa. I’m just here to tell you that if you made a decision that is nominally better than a normal decision: that’s a win!

Progress is progress. Any step forward is better than stepping back or being stagnant. If the regular is two donuts at work and you eat one? WIN!

If you normally eat three dinner rolls when you go out to eat and you don’t eat any? WIN!

Just like anything else, tailor your expectations to your situation, not what you think “perfect” is or what a magazine tells you.

Be you, enjoy the little wins and watch your progress (and happiness) skyrocket

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