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Are you setting yourself an unfair or unrealistic goal?

As a fitness professional it's my job to encourage, motivate and inspire.

It is, however, also my job to be honest with you, especially when setting goals.

I mean, I'd quite like to have this guy, Josef Rakich's, physique. But I have to ask myself, is this achievable for ME?! Josef is a fitness model. A very successful one at that. Josef is PAID to look that good. like literally, magazines pay him to be in good shape.

Whereas I have a young family, a business to run and clients to look after. All of these have to take priority over my own physique.

Oh, I also like a drink every now and then and a takeaway a couple of times a month. This means that he has a few significant advantages over us 'average people'.

Sorry, again, I'm just being realistic. 1) Fitness models can spend as much time as necessary training with their coach, as this is their job.

2) Fitness models have the majority of their meals planned and prepped for them, by their coach or nutritionist.

3)Fitness models will sacrifice their social life in order to lose that last crucial % of body fat, because the pay day is worth it!

4) Fitness models have makeup artists, specialist fitness photographers and fancy lighting.

5) People don't like to discuss this one, but what about genetics? Sure, there's always scope to improve what we've got. To sculpt your physique. But I'm sorry to let you in on this. Fitness models and professional athletes are genetically gifted. 6) Depending on what physique you desire, remember there are a large, often underestimated amount of performance/physique enhancing drugs being taken by your favourite athletes, models and even actors! So why is it important for you to understand this? It's something that has to be taken in to account when setting your goals, as setting unrealistic goals will lead to disappointment, feelings of failure and for most will ultimately lead to you giving up altogether.

I would like to sit down with you and help you put your goals down on paper!

Use the link below to book your free consultation and 7-day trial...

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