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What’s better for building muscle:

👉🏻 Lifting Heavy?


👉🏻 Thanks Lifting Controlled?

When it comes to weight/strength training there are many different techniques that we can utilise, but the argument often goes: should we lift more or should we lift better?

So let’s break it down 👇🏻

(I think I’ll do a video on this too 🤔)

The answer is that neither one works without the other.

If we pick a weight that’s very comfortable we’ll be able to work through full ranges of movement, increase or decrease the time under tension (TUT), put a focus on mind-to-muscle connection and ensure a quality strict movement pattern.

All of the above are critical, but this isn’t going to give us any true gains if there’s no significant stress on the body.It may be helpful for somebody who’s completely new to exercise and mastering the technique but the benefits from a strength and muscle building perspective will be insignificant.

On the other hand, if we try to be a superhero, lifting huge weights that we cannot control, resulting in swinging through a limited range of movement with little to no mindful contractions, then again, the gains will be limited.

The answer, as you may have guessed, is not red or blue - it’s purple.

We need to find a middle ground. We need to ensure that we can complete the set number of repetitions with mostly good form (no harm in compromising a little form towards the end of a set!) whilst focusing on all of the above points. But by the end of the set we should have reached genuine overload.

Quick point 👇🏻

💪 Overload for a newbie: discomfort and fatigue

💪 Overload to an regular lifter: Failure

In summer: work smart 💡

But also work hard 😓


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