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Split Training

What is meant by the term ‘Split Training’ and why do we do it?

The ‘Split training System’ is very simply, the principle of splitting the body into sections in order to focus on a specific area on a set training session.

One of the most well-known examples of this and what we do at JWC is the ‘push/pull/legs’ split. Using this split we are focusing each session on only the muscle groups required for that movement pattern/body part. Why do we do this?

A key component to developing muscle and strength is in the ‘volume’ of training or in other words, the number of exercises, sets and reps a specific muscle group performs during that workout.

With most people dedicating 45 – 60 minutes to their training, a whole-body approach would be inefficient leading to low volume and/or insufficient recovery periods.

Another advantage to a split programme, is that when working one muscle group the others are left to effectively recover, meaning that you are able to train with more frequency without suffering early fatigue and potential injuries.


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