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On a mission to rid the fitness industry of stereotypes once and for all!

In this article, I’d like to clear two common myths; 1) Group exercise isn’t just for women

2) Strength training isn’t just for men

So why should men get involved with group exercise?

Don’t shoot the messenger, but ‘us men’ tend to be more than a little stubborn when it comes to asking for help. “I know what I’m doing” is an auto-response when it’s suggested we should ask for guidance.

And we do. Of course, we do – we’ve got this! But the truth is, as a nation, both our mental and physical health needs some attention, and if you’re not doing it on your own maybe it’s time to accept some help.

Exercising in a group ticks both of these boxes, giving your physical and mental health a boost whilst expanding our social circle and breaking the monotony of the day, all under the watchful eye of an experienced and dedicated coach. Oh, on a side note: when you hear the term ‘group exercise’ please try to avoid picturing an Lycra-clad 80’s dance scene. It’s 2022!

Now we’ve briefly touched on that, why should ladies lift weighs?

You only need to step into a commercial gym to see the undeniable divide between the men in the weights area and women in the cardio zone.

For years women have been fed BS on why they SHOULDN’T lift weight in case they become ‘bulky’ and we still hear it to this day.

On the contrary, ladies SHOULD lift weights since building or even maintaining muscle, especially as we approach menopause, is far more difficult for females.

Another consideration as we age is that weight bearing exercise is essential for maintaining bone density and a healthy body fat percentage.

‘Getting bulky’ by accident is highly unlikely. It takes extreme volume of strength exercise, and carefully planned nutrition. To gain physical muscle mass requires a true desire!

So now we’ve cleared that up, what’s stopping you?!


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