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How much of a role do genetics play in body composition?

Body composition refers to the different components that make up the human body, such as muscle mass, body fat, bone and water.

The two main variables (the things that we can control) are body fat and muscle, and so this is what we tend to refer to in the fitness industry when talking about body composition.

Genetics play a significant role in determining body composition. For example, some people may be genetically predisposed to store more body fat around their midsection, while others may have a natural tendency to build more muscle mass.

This will go some way to determining your body type, however, while genetics do play a role in body composition, lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise are at least equally important.

Even if someone is genetically predisposed to have a certain body type, they can still significantly modify their body composition through lifestyle changes.

So sure, use your natural make up to determine your strengths and weaknesses, but not as an excuse to not work hard for progress.


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