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Don't waste time pulling out a splinter when you're bleeding to death...

How's that for a catchy header?!

Here comes another blog inspired by a consultation room chat with a member this week. In fact, I have a similar chat fairly frequently. Many people sit in front of me with the knowledge that their current health is poor, and an understanding that there are areas of their lifestyle that are causing significant damage to their overall condition. often we'll discuss their lifestyle choices such as eating habits, alcohol consumption and current inactivity and it'll be quickly very clear that their energy balance (the number of calories that they consume vs the number of calories they expend) is way off kilter, for example. Yet even with this information and having explained the importance of this equation, the response will be "I know I eat too much bread" or "I find it hard to eat enough protein" or "I struggle to eat breakfast". these things may need tackling, but lets prioritise! If you were in an accident (god forbid) and you had multiple injuries the doctors would begin assessing you and treating the life threatening injuries first before eventually moving on to the superficial injuries. After all, there's no point in pulling out a splinter when you're bleeding to death! Start by working on the things that are going to make the biggest difference, for example; Alcohol consumption very high,? This is a good place to start... Have a habit of dipping in to the treat jar of an evening, and quickly spiralling out of control? There it is... Well behaved through the week but go wild Friday - Sunday? You know what to do! Don't start researching the latest supplement if you haven't fixed the fundamentals


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