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Back to School... Or work, or whatever!

Towards the end of August, I always write a ‘back to school’ blog, focused on encouraging parents back into a routine of regular exercise following the 6-week break. This year, the message is the same, but the audience is broader. You see, children and grownups alike have been forced into bizarre routines, forced time off and all sorts of other challenges. Many of these people have capitalised on the time off work, lack of commute and more flexible working days and got into the shape of their lives. To those, well done and keep up the hard work. This blog, however, is more focused towards the others. Those who have found this time to be extra challenging. Those with children under your feet or in some cases an increased workload. Those who are quite likely feeling unfit, fed up and ready for change! I want you to see September as you kick start back into fitness, and if you would let me, I’d love to help you! Below are some of our top tips into getting back into your fitness routine, but the most important thing is to make a commitment and have something/somebody to hold you accountable. If you’re ready to make that commitment, book in a consultation with a JWC coach and if you decide to go ahead, we’re currently offering a months 100% contract free membership. Top Tips to Revive Your Fitness

• Set yourself goals. Setting goals gives you a clear focus on where you should be heading. They allow you to keep on track and your achievements and will keep your motivation levels high.

• Preparation of your meals. Try and plan meals in advance so that you know you’re not likely to grab the ‘quick snacks’ which tend to be packed full of all the artificial nasties and access calories!

• Structure your training plan. Know when your training week to week. Place these sessions in your diary and learn to prioritise them, because after all your investing your time into your body, and we only get one of those!

• Keep your workouts varied. This will stop you from plateauing by ensuring your body continually has to adapt and it will keep exercising fresh and exciting!

• Enlist an expert to hold you accountable. This will also give you the confidence that what you’re doing is going to give you the best possible results. It’s time to prioritise your fitness journey and find yourself an effective routine to achieve your fitness goals.

There’s always a reason not to start today, find your reason to start, right now! If you would like any help or advice, please do contact us. We have a team of experienced coaches waiting to help


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