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Is your body due a service?

Do you regularly get your car serviced? Most of us do, making sure our cars are regularly serviced,

running efficiently and have a full tank of fuel. When you hear a funny clunking sound or you get a crack in the windscreen, you’ll give it some attention and get it fixed because you know that you should get it looked at before it gets worse.

Sadly, we rarely give our body the same attention and yet it is a far more amazing machine. If you’ve stepped through the door of JWC you’ve already started your journey of self-care and regular exercise with the excellent JWC coaches and fuelling ourselves properly is invaluable in keeping our

bodies running efficiently.

But many of us aren’t running quite as efficiently as we could be, driving on with various issues like sore knees, tight hamstrings, a crunchy shoulder or ankle, lower back pain

or aching, stiff limbs. If this is you, your annual service is likely overdue!

An hour’s sports therapy treatment with me will include a full postural assessment and consultation to identify areas of pain, reduced movement, instability or weakness. This is followed by a tailored hands-on treatment plan which can include anything from sports massage, soft tissue release & mobilisation, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, taping and exercise therapy & rehabilitation.

Working together the aim is to ease pain, maximise movement and help prevent any further injury.

Treatments are available on site at JWC, at a reduced rate of just £25 per hour whilst I continue to develop my knowledge and training. Please get in touch to book in, and let’s get your amazing machine running smoothly! Jane Paynter Ludus Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

07715 621709

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