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Christmas Fitness Motivation

So, the countdown has begun…

It’s the final month of the year, and yes, we know that it’s the hardest month to maintain motivation throughout.


Your social calendar becomes that little bit busier than normal; Christmas meals, parties, days out, holidays, shopping days out - the list goes on. The nights are a lot darker and colder and your days seem to be so much shorter and more hectic, but we’re here to remind you the importance of continuing with your training in December!

Before we help you put the plans in motion remember that it is ok to enjoy this time of year, it is ok to go out and socialise with your loved ones, it is ok to have a dessert, it is ok to have a few after work drinks with colleagues. All we want you to do is try your best. Try to keep up with training as much as possible. Think about how far you have come in 2019 and how important it is to maintain what you have achieved!

The first thing you need to do in December is be ‘REALISTIC’! Don’t set yourself goals which are unrealistic and set you up for a fail. Set yourself achievable goals, that are going to allow you to enjoy the festive period whilst keeping up your fitness journey. This might be that we accept that we slow our progress and focus on maintenance for a few weeks.

The second thing you need to do is put the steps in place to ensure you hit these goals. Be sure you utilise your JWC or other gym memberships as much as possible in December.

Meet with a coach for a goal setting appointment so that you and a coach can agree together some realistic goals to achieve within this month. Be sure to fill out JWC’s 12 days of fitness loyalty card to keep track of your sessions. Leave space or create space in your hectic diary to train- be sure to prioritise your fit fitness and health this year, because it should be the most important thing in your schedule!

Don’t let your nutrition go altogether. Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mindset and have a focus on moderation. Control the days that you can control in order to allow yourself some flexibility on the days that are mode difficult to control.

The main thing you need to do is DO IT! Believe you can do it! You’ll be thankful you did do it when January comes and your still feeling fit and ready to hit some serious new year goals!

Reach out to us at JWC for any additional help or guidance you require. Starting to think about the New Year already? Or maybe you're struggling for Christmas gift ideas? We have gift certificates available for; Personal Training, Group Training Memberships and our famous '4-Week Beginner to Winner' fitness programme. Get in touch today;

01477 412770

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