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Another year

Another Christmas Another insane Christmas party!

Stood looking out from the stage at more that 110 people; partying, drinking, dancing, laughing and most importantly, celebrating another amazing year - now that is pride!!

They say in business: "You grow or you die" and if the past 12-months haven't been evident enough of JWC's growth the the Christmas party should confirm it.

So without further ado, here's the official write up, photo's and announcements for the people who couldn't attend. Oh, and I'll even announce the date for 2020 at the end!!

This year, as well as offering the usual cocktail bar, run by Beetlejuice, and to alleviate the pressure we decided to run our own beers, wines and prosecco bar. WOW did we underestimate just how much alcohol we would need to provide!! Like a teenage party we needed to do a shop run half way through the evening to re-stock! Another very successful addition to this years party was to have a magician working the floor entertaining folk with close up magic. This worked really well as an ice breaker whilst people got comfortable and began to let their hair down. After all, the psychological transition from every day JWC to JWC's Christmas party does take a little mental adjustment! Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours, numerous beverages and 45 minutes behind schedule (who has a schedule for a party, anyway?!) and it was time for the event of the night... my speech, obviously! This year we had LOADS to talk about (sorry guys) and we kicked things off with 'The JWC Awards'. These are to celebrate special moments and people who have shone out to us, not always for the right reasons!! From; 'The Most Competitive', to 'Newcomer of the Year', to 'Best Physical Transformation' and many more. There were laughs, cheers and even some happy tears! Following a HUGE thank you we moved on to our Referral Draw, which, like everything at JWC gets bigger and better every year!! This year we gave away a £250 Red Letter Day voucher to say thank you for all of our referrals over the past 6-months, since our Summer party. And the lucky winner was.... Sam Beardmore, who sadly wasn't there on the night but will be in receipt this week! Congratulations Sam!

After some staff thank you's, general JWC information and probably a little baffling (sorry again) we used the opportunity to officially release JWC's brand new sportswear range, with a special offer for 15% discount on the evening.

Available now we have; unisex hoodies, gents t-shirts, ladies t-shirts and ladies vest tops in a couple of designs and multiple colours. This is something that people have been asking for for a long time which we're chuffed to be able to deliver now! You can see our full range and pre-order your items here: with clothing available for collection from

Charity Announcements

Throughout 2020 we have been extremely proud to support The Remembering Nell Foundation in their efforts to support local children's charities in the North West. The charity is incredibly close to the hearts of the community and our members have been extremely generous in their donations. The foundation is keeping Nell's memory alive and going some way to helping the family stay positive through an incredibly difficult time. So to all of those who took part in events over the past 12 months, donated and supported us - thank you! And as always we will be supporting a new charity for 2020... Once again, we have kept it local and chosen a local charity which has values that are important to us and we believe our members will be excited to support...

Visyon are a Congleton based mental health charity, supporting young people across South Cheshire and North Staffordshire. We have lots of events planned over the coming year, including; Missions Impossible - 2019's most successful fundraiser, Born survivor and DJ nights. Keep your eye's peeled for more info!! Finally, for the JWC Olympic winner... I can't remember who won. It doesn't even matter anyway, it's the taking part that counts, moving on....

Alright alright, congratulations to all of the Cheetahs and to Becky, of course! The Olympics are about encouraging a little competition, camaraderie and increasing peoples attendance and boy did that all happen! After this, the drinks were flowing, the dance floor buzzing and so many laughs were had! But what happens after hours at a JWC party, stays there!!

Here's a huge thank you from the JWC team. We're already looking forward to what 2020 has to bring and sharing the special moments with you! Oh, wait, one more thing... Open your 2020 diary and flick to 28th November 2020! ... Put JWC's Christmas party in your diary NOW!

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