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Meet Coach Kate...

As we approach our 5th birthday, JWC continues to grow and expand and we can't wait to let you in on the exciting projects that we've been working on ready for 2020! We always get particularly excited when it comes to welcoming new coaches to the team! With that in mind, we would like to formally introduce you to our latest addition, Coach Kate; "Hi, I’m Kate. I am currently a student at Salford University studying Exercise, Nutrition & Health, with a strong passion for the Nutritional side of life; I have always been interested in the foods we consume and how they affect the body and help to fuel our exercise. Having completed my Level 2 Qualification in fitness coaching I am so excited to put this to action and help those who struggle in the gym. I am also well on the way to completing my Level 3 Personal Training qualification; with coaching along side training for this, I feel it will really help my skills in the industry and allow me to give all my knowledge to my clients. I live a busy life balancing University work with a happy social life, family time and a job, however, I never find an excuse not to exercise or eat healthy; this is what brings me positivity. For me, exercise is more than the results, its mentally stimulating and and helps my mental well-being by giving me a break from reality and time to focus on my needs. The results, however, are what keeps me going and having a goal is a drive for more exercise. The results come from what we consume and how much passion we can put into exercise; whether you love it or hate it I will add that motivation and energy to your workout, making you leave feeling as positive as ever and getting the results that you want."

You’ll see Kate around the building Tuesday Evenings, Thursday Evenings and Sunday Mornings.

We will be working closely with Kate over the coming weeks and months to bring her skills and confidence in line with the high standards of JWC and look forward to seeing her progress and flourish as a JWC coach.

I hope you’ll all give her a warm welcome 🙂

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