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Did you eat too many Easter Eggs?

Ooops! You ate too many Easter Eggs!!

I’m sure a lot of people are thinking this to themselves right now. But do not worry, it is just a minor step backwards you can still take another big step forward this week.

It is extremely important that you don’t torture yourself for over indulging this weekend; it is extremely important you get back onto your regular eating patterns and don't ‘give up’ on your goals because of one bad day.

To many people have a slip up on their healthy eating plans and then believe they’ve ruined everything and that there is no point in carrying on their journey to achieve their goals. WRONG! Instead you should be accountable for your over indulging, of course you should, but you shouldn’t let that be the end of your journey. You can aim to balance it out by challenging yourself to take an extra exercise session in this week ahead. Accountability is key when you’re trying to achieve something. You must allow yourself to understand that you probably ate a bit too much, but you aren’t afraid to admit that and work a bit harder this week to make up for it. Even if that means a 6am alarm for a class you need to squeeze in before work begins.

Because, lets be honest, there is going to be other days this year that you may end up sitting on the sofa and eating a bit too much, or going out for a meal with friends and having the large dessert, or celebrating your birthday a bit to heavily. The key thing is to ensure it doesn’t happen to often of course, but to also ensure that you don’t let it end your fitness journey.

One bad day isn’t going to hinder your progression, it is the giving up and not getting back into routine that hinders your progression.

So, be thankful you had a weekend with your family having a bit too much chocolate and food, and now restart your mindset ready for a big week of smashing your goals and regaining control of your food intake!

The key to a successful ‘diet’ is ensuring it is something you can sustain for the rest of your life.

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