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Healthy life, healthy love: part 2

Last week we wrote a blog which turned out to be very popular, on the benefits of exercising with your partner. Not necessarily your romantic partner although there were certain benefits exclusive to this! I’m sure that you’ll understand that as a business, our blogs usually involve a ’soft sell’ in to the services that we offer at JWC. This one, however, is going to be a little different. This is aimed at the people who at the present time have no intention of joining JWC, or any gym, in fact. It’s aimed at the people who want to make simple changes in their day to day life which could have significant positive impact on your health and wellness. As it’s February, and we’re celebrating the month of love, we’re going to focus on activities you can do with your loved ones. Exercise should be enjoyable, and what better way to make it enjoyable than to involve the family?! What activities you choose will be largely dependent on the intensity at which you would like to work, what benefits you would like to see, and what personal limitations you may have, for example, for those of us with young children, taking up a serious sport may prove challenging, but there are lots of options; Family Activities Long walks in the countryside I know that peeling your children away from a screen may sometimes prove challenging, but once out, what child doesn’t enjoy the countryside? Find a local nature reserve, many of which have activities available to keep children engaged or why not tie a long walk in with a nice light pub lunch along the way?

Play in the park As spring approaches, take advantage of the many public parks that we’re lucky to have around us. Take bats, balls and Frisbee's and why not invite a few friends along to keep up the energy levels? Take a healthy picnic and soak up the, admittedly limited, spring sunshine!

Get a dog… This may seem like an extreme option but getting a dog forces you to become more active as well as teaching the children some responsibilities. Already got a dog? Get a hose!

For the young and fancy free Get competitive Are you competitive? Take up a sport and challenge each other. For the competitive amongst us, this is sure to get the heart racing. What’s more, the endorphins released during intense exercise are guaranteed to bring you closer together as a couple, and as they say – “Couples that train together, stay together” Take a walk in the country Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than a romantic picnic with a nice view of the Cheshire countryside?! Don those walking boots, get your steps up and find some nice big hills to conquer – last one to the top washes up!

Get physical Come on, let’s not be shy about this. Sex can burn a lot of calories, get the heart racing and have you moving in ways that you might (hopefully) not benefit from in day to day life. What’s more, the release of endorphins has a knock-on effect which will encourage us to continue being active.

Smart watches and even mobile apps are allowing us to easily track our activity. Set yourself goals as a couple or individually and why not set challenges between you. The person with the least steps cooks, maybe?

These are just a few ideas to get you moving. A general rule to stay moderately fit and healthy is to average a minimum of 20-minutes of moderate exercise per day or to rack up 10,000 steps. These are of course rough guides and are very much dependent on what benefits you hope to see!

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