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Creating success... part II

We are nearly at the end of the first month of 2019, can you believe it already, 4 weeks down. Now is the time to review your first month’s progress into your fitness journey.

4 weeks is the perfect time scale to have allowed your body to adapt to changes and begin to see an improvement in your body, whether it be big or small. We start to see a few inches lost, we start to feel healthier, we start to have looser clothing, we start to feel happier and more alert, we start to see our fitness levels increasing and our overall body composition shifting… ‘hopefully’.

This is best case scenario. This, however, isn’t always the case for some people. The above is what we hope to have happened in the 4-week time frame. And this is the crucial time to act if nothing has changed!

When you review your progress it’s important to be realistic, you aren’t going to have achieved your dream body or be ready to run a marathon in 4 weeks, but you should feel like you are on the right track and see some physical and mental changes, whether it be; lifting heavier, looser clothing, inch loss, fitness increase.

But…let me ask you – if you haven’t felt any change in your body after 31 days of working hard and eating clean how would that make you feel, what is that going to result in you doing next? This is where people tend to just give up and go back to old habits and is where the ‘January only’ gym goers disappear.

What you must understand is that not every plan works first time. Every plan you create in life will likely need re-adjusting, changing, improving. This is perfectly OK. All we ask as fitness professionals is that you sit down with us and you let us guide you through the changes we need you to create to achieve better results next time, and that you continue to strive towards you goal. NEVER GIVE UP!

That is why here at JWC we have created something called an ‘Accelerator Meeting’, that is included in your membership and can be utilised as often as you or our coaches feel necessary.

To know if this is something that will assist you, ask yourself these questions…

Are you lacking motivation? Struggling to develop a gym routine? Need support with an injury? Need additional support and guidance to help you to take your fitness that one step further?

This is the JWC difference summed up. This is why, after 10-years working in the fitness industry we developed a gym model that took care of all the ‘missing links’ in peoples fitness journeys.

If you’ve tried and failed at health, fitness and weight loss, JWC is your very best chance of success! What's more, you've timed it perfectly to secure a last minute space on our '4-Week Fat Loss Formula', starting Monday 4th February. Check out the link below for more info;

Whether you work with JWC or go it alone, keep striving to be the best version of yourself. Keep on track to achieving this year’s New Year’s Resolutions...

… and we guarantee it will all be worth it in the end.

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