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Olympic Success!

Firstly, a big congratulations to every single person who got involved in our

Winter Olympics this year, you all should be very proud of yourselves for


As much as we all love the competition aspect of the Olympics, us coaches

included, there are many more reasons why we host the Olympic events here at


At JWC we are one big fitness family, all here for similar reasons of

bettering ourselves, getting fitter, socialising, achieving goals and achieving

what you one day thought was the impossible. The Olympics was designed to

encourage all our members to get involved and to prove to themselves how

much their bodies are capable of. It brings all our members together as one and

allows us to support each other to achieve personal bests!

As you are aware all our members were split into 4 teams with a Head Coach per team. This year saw Sammi’s winning WOLVES take the trophy! The wolves hit

some very big scores as a team overall with a lot of personal bests scores, including two 40+ minute wall sits- so a BIG congratulations to you all you should be very proud of your efforts!

Individual Results & Top Performers:

For the ladies...

- Kerry Briggs - Won the Row & Sled Push

- Amanda Richards - Won the Sprints

- Andrea Freel - Won the Cycle

- Pauline Butterfield - top performer, winning; Tyre Flips, Press Ups, Pull Ups,

Plank, Wall Sit and Farmers Walk

For the gents...

- Brad Bellis - Won the Press Ups

- Steve Foxley - Won the Cycle and Sled

- Dave Clark - Won the Plank

- Lee Anderson - top performer, winning; Row, Sprints, Tyre Flips, Pull Ups, Wall Sit and Farmers Walk

A big congratulations to you all!

The next Olympic event will be here in no time, so its time to get your sessions

booked in with some new goals so you're Olympics ready next year!

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