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Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Becky...

Having been involved in fitness and sports for as far back as I can remember, around 6 years ago I decided it was time to turn my passion into a career.

Fitness is and always will be a huge part of my life. It’s such a great achievement when you get a personal best, or you fit into them jeans you never thought you would, or you don’t turn off your 6am alarm and you make it to the gym.

As a JWC Personal Trainer I am here solely to help you within your fitness journey; to make it as successful and enjoyable as possible.

I believe fitness is a way of life and there is no short-term fix. Have you ever done a 3-week diet, seen a ‘result’, and then ended up on the same 3-week diet the following month?

I’m here to ensure that what we do you will continue to do for the future, to ensure you get the best quality out of your life and ensure you constantly see positive results.

Coming from a big commercial gym I am aware of the struggles and fears you could come across when stepping onto the gym floor. JWC helps to conquer all of those fears as we bring you into a friendly, welcoming, fully coach-led environment. At JWC you’ll always have a coach on hand to assist you.

This way of exercising, I truly believe is the most beneficial. You have no fear of making mistakes or injuring yourself.

Are you ready to take that step into changing your life for the better?

Do you need support to help you to achieve your goals?

Head onto the contact page on our website and send me a message to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. I will then be in touch within 24-hours to begin the journey together.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all down at JWC.

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