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Interested in losing fat?

If you’re trying to lose fat, this post is for you!

While your diet is the biggest factor in whether you lose fat or not, lifting weights helps you burn *more* fat and speeds up your metabolism.

90% of my posts are nutrition related.... And for good reason. When it comes to losing weight, controlling what you’re gracefully shoveling down your pie hole is the most important thing to get right!

But there’s a problem with losing weight through diet alone or even a combination of diet and cardio; you may be losing weight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing the RIGHT kind of weight.

Here’s what I mean.....

When people say, they want to “lose weight” , what they actually mean is they want to “LOSE BODY FAT”. Eating in a calorie deficit helps you lose weight, and sure, a lot of that weight will be fat... BUT it won’t all be fat, chances are you’ll be losing muscle too.

Trust me when I say you do NOT want that to happen while you’re dieting.

Having lean muscle helps you to:

  • Maintain a faster metabolism

  • Lose fat more easily

  • Build an overall healthier & leaner body

And that brings us to why lifting weights is so beneficial. Not only will it help you maintain the muscle you already have, but you’ll most likely end up building muscle and burning fat together.

Sure, the scale might not move as quickly, but the weight you do lose will end up coming mostly from body fat. What’s more you’ll have an easier time of getting rid of that last bit of fat your holding in “trouble areas”

NOTE You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or power lifter to lift weights. What matters is that you’re challenging your muscles and progressing over time.

Any questions?? Get in touch!

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