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Myth Busting!

After writing yesterdays email about diet pills, I decided to do a full week basically doing some myth busting! We’ve all heard the stories and read the articles about ‘ the best way to burn belly fat ’ or the ‘3 foods to avoid if you want a 6 pack’… The internet and media is full of them! Unfortunately, they are all marketing ploys to get you to buy their products. Very cleverly marketed as well!

The problem that we face is that more and more people are becoming disillusioned with the fitness industry as a whole because of these fads!

So this week I’m going to cover 3 myths and gimmicks and explain what’s wrong with them!

Gimmick number 1 – Burn Belly Fat Faster

So, what’s wrong with this gimmick?!

Well, for one, it doesn’t quite work like that!

You can’t spot reduce fat or localise fat burning from a particular area!

Your body will decide where it burns fat from first, and unfortunately, it just so happens the last place tends to be your biggest area of concern.

Some people have different stubborn areas of fat.

Most mens stubborn area is the lower stomach, most ladies complain about their thighs and bottom!

Me personally? My lower back and stomach.

This doesn’t mean that I can’t shift it!

It just means that it’s the last place I lose fat from.

Unfortunately, most people want to lose at least a little bit of weight off their stomach.

This leads the gym and fitness companies to make a product to supposedly combat this.

Their marketing department then creates an advert which promises the one thing that the majority of people want… no matter whether they can deliver or not!

Best thing to do? Discuss your goals with a professional, and agree on REALISTIC goals, or risk losing all motivation.

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