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Too old to exercise?

You’ll be surprised how much we hear this! But is there any truth in the statement ‘too old to exercise’, or is age in fact ‘just a number’? The truth is, both of those statements should be banished! You’re never too old for exercise, however, age should be a consideration in exercise prescription. On one hand, we all know those people who seem to never stop, and well into what we could consider ‘old age’ are still more active than the average teenager. These people have likely spent a lifetime looking after their bodies and now in old age are reaping the rewards of that dedication. On the other hand, we can’t shy away from the fact that with age our bodies work less efficiently. Through a mixture of ‘wear and tear’ and biological factors such as hormonal changes injuries become more likely, and recovery becomes a slower process. Who remembers being in their 20’s and feeling bulletproof? If you’re reading this in your 30’s/40’s you probably think this doesn’t really apply to you. Well, I suggest you don’t wait until it’s too late! By 30 (yes – I said 30!) you are past your peak. After 30 we begin to lose lean muscle tissue and bones become less dense. Now is the perfect time to take control whilst we still feel youthful! With some effort, we can stall or even reverse some of these age-related body changes. To circle back to the original question, no, we are never too old to exercise. In fact, as we get older it become more important to keep ourselves well-conditioned through activity, nutrition and generally through positive lifestyle choices. 3 top tips

1) Do a small amount of moderate intensity activity most days and include some strength training.

2) Ensure a balanced diet, including your ‘5 a day’ of fruit and veg.

3) Limit stress and ensure a regular sleep pattern.

If you’re not sure where to start, allow us to help you with guided exercise.


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