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Mental Health Awareness Month

October Events raising money for BTG - Mind Matters CIO

As Mental Health Day approaches, we've taken a significant step by extending our commitment

beyond a single day to dedicate an entire month. This October we will be prioritising our efforts and resources towards a cause that holds immense significance to us: mental health.

At JWC, our concern extends well beyond your physical well-being; we value your overall health and understand that mental health is an integral component of your overall happiness and well-being.

BTG is a charity dedicated to bridging the gap in mental health services and providing support to

individuals in the moments they need it, not waiting until it is a crisis before offering to help. To show

our commitment to the cause we have scheduled numerous fundraisers for the month of October.

This is in line with our ongoing efforts to create a world where everyone can lead a mentally healthy

life. Mental health is not an individual concern; it's a collective responsibility, and we are proud to do

our part.

Ways to Get Involved -

We firmly believe that real change happens when individuals come together as a community. There

are numerous ways you can participate in our Mental Health Month initiatives:

Volunteer: With all our events we will be seeking volunteers to lend a hand – whether that be

baking, serving coffees, or supporting us on social media to extend our reach.

Raise Awareness: Share information about Bridging the Gap and how it can help, the charity is

constantly on the lookout for supportive businesses, and employers who want to offer support to their

employees and fundraising opportunities.

Participate in Fundraising Events: Come and get involved – these events rely on community

participation to make them a success! And they are lots of fun!

Fund: Your financial contributions go a long way in supporting individuals within our community who

need help. Every donation helps bring us closer to our goals. We are also on the lookout for

corporate organisations who can match fund our efforts by duplicating our contributions.

Together, we can make a profound impact on our community and the way that we approach mental

health concerns. Join us this October as we extend our commitment to mental health, and together,

let's bridge the gap in mental health support.


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