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Make February the New January

The diet starts on MONDAY… No, the diet starts in JANUARY… No, the diet starts… Shh! Stop!

The ‘diet’ doesn’t start on any specific day or month. The ‘diet’ (in inverted commas because we don’t like the word diet – more in a later blog) starting at any point infers that there will be an end to it, and that’s not what healthy lifestyles are about. Sure, there are periods where we’re more focused towards a specific goal and stricter in our methods, for example coming up to a wedding, holiday, or athletic event, but these should be tweaks to an already controlled, consistent and sustainable lifestyle. No matter where we are in our journey, what is crucial is that we are tracking our progress and constantly adapting for continued progress or maintenance, depending on your goals. That’s why we are once again promotingFebruary is the New January’ for those members who didn’t jump on the ‘New Year New You’ process of checking in with a coach. Whatever your goals, tracking your body composition using the InBody in extremely helpful. For those looking for fat loss or muscle gain as a priority there’s no better way to monitor your progress.

For those more focused on health and performance, your body fat and critically visceral fat levels as well as skeletal muscle are key health indicators to your overall health and performance. We also want to encourage you to pick the coaches brains when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle advice, help with setting or adapting goals and a ‘kick up the bum’ when motivation slips. If you’re coming in to classes but not utilising the additional services, you’re missing out. Book your appointment with a coach now!


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