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Maintaining Motivation This Christmas

Maintaining Motivation Through Christmas!

So, the countdown has begun…

It is the final month of the year (where did that time go?), and yes, we know that it is the hardest month to maintain motivation throughout – especially after the strange year we have all been through this 2020. However, this is your gentle reminder not to give up on achieving your fitness goals and to keep going!

The nights are a lot darker and colder and your days seem to be so much shorter and more hectic, but we are here to remind you the importance of continuing with your training in December!

Before we help you put the plans in motion, remember that it is ok to enjoy this time of year, it is ok to have drinks with your family, it is ok to have a dessert, it is ok to stay in your PJS that little bit longer – we will be doing all of the above we can assure you - All we want you to do is try your best.

The first thing you need to do in December is be ‘REALISTIC’! Do not set yourself goals which are unrealistic and set yourself up for a failure. Aim to set yourself achievable goals, that are going to allow you to enjoy the festive period whilst keeping up your fitness journey. Goals such as, train 3x a week, hit 10,000 steps everyday. This might be that we accept that we slow our progress right down and simply focus on maintenance for a few weeks. Don’t let your nutrition go altogether. Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mindset and have a focus on moderation. Control the days that you can control in order to allow yourself some flexibility on the days that are more difficult to control.

The second thing you need to do is put the steps in place to ensure you hit these goals. Be sure you utilise your JWC or other gym memberships as much as possible in December. Meet with a coach for a goal setting appointment so that you and a coach can agree together some realistic goals to achieve within this period. Create space in your week to exercise - be sure to prioritise your fitness and health this December to ensure you head into 2021 feeling healthy and happy.

Already thinking about the New Year Resolutions and Goals?

-We have Gift Vouchers available to purchase for any last minute gift ideas

-We're also are now taking bookings for our Beginner to Winner programme starting in January at our Sandbach Gym

-We also have space on our fitness revival programme at both Sandbach and Holmes Chapel.

Contact us today for more information:

01477 412770

Merry Christmas!!!


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