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Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Earlier this week, I sat down to talk nutrition with a Group PT member who has been struggling to make consistent fat loss progress.

One of the things that he mentioned was that he struggled with adherence when reducing the amount of food he was consuming.

Ultimately, he didn’t like that he was regularly feeling hungry, and felt that that was his bodies way of telling him to eat - so naturally he would listen to his body and feed it.

Now, before I go on I want you to understand that ‘dieting’ isn’t about starving yourself. On the contrary it should be more about nourishing the body in order to maintain optimal health…

But, and it’s a big but…!

If you have been OVEREATING for a period of time (and if you’ve gained weight then this is something that we must accept) then this is what your body has become accustomed to and so when we reduce calories, even by a modest amount, some feelings of hunger are going to be inevitable.

We can go some way to combating this in multiple ways, such as;

  • Eating higher protein foods

  • Drinking more water

  • Eating smaller meals more regularly

  • Having nutritious snacks to hand

And there are many more methods, but to some extent, we have to get comfortable being a little uncomfortable, and this applies to most areas of health, fitness and honestly, most areas of life…

As being overly comfortable has likely got you to where you are today.


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