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A few Words on Nutrition, from Coach Georgia

Coach Georgia joined the JWC team back in March and it quickly became clear that her passion for all things nutrition was going to make her very popular amongst our members! Here are a few words that 'overview nutrition' from Coach Georgia...

"Have you hit a plateau in your fitness journey and you’re not sure why?

It might be worth taking a closer look into your nutrition!

Your diet is arguable the most important part of your fitness journey. Whether your goals include weight loss or weight gain, strength & conditioning or performance, if you’re not getting enough of the right macronutrients you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage!

Here’s why …

CARBS - We are definitely divided on opinion when it comes to carbohydrates but there's no argument that they play a key part in your diet and in my opinion shouldn’t be cut out. Carbs help keep you feeling full and provide fuel for your workouts, they’re full of fibre which helps with digestion and they’re the main source of energy that your brain and nervous system use!

‘No carbs before marbs’ is not the way forwards!

PROTEIN - Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle you need protein! Protein is needed to build and repair muscle tissue which intern increases metabolism. It also helps to keep you feeling full which will stop you from reaching for snacks! You don’t have to get protein from meat: if you’re vegetarian or vegan there’s plenty of alternatives out there just make sure you’re getting enough!

More protein = more muscle mass = increased metabolism = weight loss!!

FATS - You should always include some healthy fats into your diet such as olive oil, avocados, eggs and nuts. Healthy fats contain a lot of vitamins and have shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure. Healthy fats also help to regulate hormones especially in women!

Micronutrients - Finally, it’s also vital to include fruits and veggies! Make sure your choice is colourful and this will ensure you’ve got a good mixture of vitamins and minerals to keep your body in tip-top condition


That may be a lot of information to take in… if you’re still feeling confused or need any help setting up a balanced diet for your goals let’s book a session and discuss this further!"


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