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A quick fix DOES work, it turns out!

Anybody who’s followed JWC’s social media, read our blogs or watched our videos will almost certainly know that we do not, have never and have always sworn we will never believe in or condone the ‘Quick Fix’ mentality of an overmelming portion of the diet industry. 

Some of these diets/organisations are naive and uneducated, some are no less than scam artists who know EXACTLY what they’re doing, but see the opportunity to make a quick buck out of exploiting your insecurities and desperation💰 

But, to my surprise, I’ve recently realised that a quick fix diet DOES in fact work wonders...

Ok. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad or left my morals and values at the door. In fact, I’m a little insulted that you have carried on reading up to this point! 

The quick fix that I’m talking about - the thing that no matter what type of exercise or diet we decide to follow is...


This came to me a couple of days ago, I mean, I’ve always been more than aware of this, but it became very clear to me while sat in a consultation with a new client who had been THINKING ABOUT personal training for close to 10 YEARS!! 


The whole time becoming increasingly unhappy and unhealthy. The ACTION only happened when the choice was taken away due to ill health, and something HAD TO BE DONE! 

But that’s it, after 10 years thinking about it the hard work was done in an instant - making the decision, plucking up the courage and walking through the doors of JWC to join a family who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. 

The next 12-months are going to carry some challenges, some discomfort and some doubts, but the physical and mental shifts that are going to happen over the coming months are going to be truly life changing! 

This is quite an extreme example, but it is very rare that people look in the mirror or realise they’re getting unnecessarily breathless and think 🤔 RIGHT, that’s it! 

We usually think about it for a few months, speak to people about your plans but the action takes time to happen. 

I say, if you’re reading this now and it is resonating with you, that you need a fix - take immediate action! 

What JWC offer in training, nutrition, customer service and as a community is unrivalled. Our member testimonials, reviews and referrals speak for themselves. 

Click this link now and we’ll get back to you very soon! 

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