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Stop listening to the BS and start listening to the BeSt...

If you ask any well respected fitness professional what their greatest fitness industry frustration is, they’ll all give you the same answer...

The BS that the industry is so rife with. 

It’s also probably the most common blog topic for is here at JWC as we try our upmost to debunk the myths around fitness - particularly weight loss. 

Why is this? Well, quite honestly, it’s because it’s very difficult to sell a product based on moderation, sustainability and balance. It’s not very sexy, right?!


JWC have been doing exactly that now for three years and we’ve become pretty popular for it!

2019 for JWC is all about growth following three admittedly tough years grinding. 2019 is going to see some exciting developments which will continue to benefit our members, others around Cheshire and even further afield (watch this space on this one)

The key for 2019 is going to be about reaching out to more people and the first thing that we want to get involved with is more public speaking; seminars, events etc. 

But you’re not here to learn about we’re JWC is going as a business, you’re here to learn how where JWC is going will benefit you! 

Our members already receive lots of great information which is something that we will continue to add to. We now, however, want to help you, the public. 

On March 18th we’ll be hosting a seminar planned to help you develop a positive mindset towards exercise and nutrition, as well as allowing you to set clear and concise goals. 

Make this investment in to yourself now and reap the rewards for years to come! 

Take a look at the link below for further information and to book your tickets. 

Spring in to action and book now! Spaces are limited to please do not delay! 

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