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Give the Gift of Health this Christmas

It’s December...

It’s the festive month...

Christmas is a matter of days away...

And you’ll be finding yourself answering the question below to every person you see this month probably...

"Are you Christmas ready?"

If that answer is no... let us help you out. If that answer is yes... let us still help you out as we may have an even better gift idea for you!

Do you find yourself aimlessly wondering around looking for the perfect gift, which never appears?! Well, stop there. Stop wasting valuable money on invaluable presents. Let us help you to give the perfect Christmas present...

What better gift could you give this year to your loved ones than 'the Gift of Health’?

Why not help support and motivate your friends and family this Christmas by giving them the present that is going to help them become fitter, happier, stronger, more energized, motivated (the list goes on).

Well, here at JWC we are offering Gift Vouchers that you can purchase for your loved ones this year.

Here's just a few options;

* 3 month’s membership

* A place on January’s Beginner to Winner

* 5 x Personal Training sessions

We’re very sure that when your friends and family begin to see positive mental and physical changes to their body in 2019, they’ll be the first to thank you for helping them out to start their fitness journey. Because as you all know there is no better feeling that bettering yourself. There’s no better feeling than becoming fitter and healthier.

Be sure to remember that you aren’t just purchasing your loved one a gift voucher for a gym- you’re purchasing them a gift voucher for a 5* personal, results based, gym experience where they will be support throughout their entire journey.


did we mention, that as a JWC member you have the privilege of receiving 20% off all Gift Voucher purchases?! Even better right?

So, don’t delay, purchase your gift vouchers next time you’re in club and finish off your Christmas shopping early- that way you have more time to enjoy the festive period – because, after all that’s what it’s all about!

Any questions or queries on our Gift Vouchers please don’t hesitate to contact the club or alternatively speak to a coach when your next in training.

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