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“I’ll start on Monday, I’ll start next week”.

It’s time to take action!

“I’ll start on Monday, I’ll start next week”.

Recognise these sentences?

We’ve all said these once in our lives, and we are here to tell you that instead of putting it off for few more days and weeks you need to act now!

Time flies by so fast these days, next thing you know you’re another year older and still haven’t begun your journey to achieve your fitness goal. The sooner you start beginning your journey the quicker the results will arrive and the quicker you’ll be feeling happier and more positive about yourself.

It only takes 5-minutes for your mind to talk you out of an idea you have had and find reasons not to do it, but your job today is to find the reasons why you should do it. Try writing down a pro’s and con’s list towards your goal and you’ll realise it’s the right thing to do.

“But why should I?”

In 12-months’ time when your next summer holiday arrives and your about to slip into that swimming cozzie or those swim shorts we guarantee you’ll be thankful that you started to create a better you and didn’t put it of again.

You don’t want to miss out on those fun activities with your children or even grandchildren just because you have a fitness/weight barrier.

When your invited to that big family event and you know your going to be seeing people you haven’t seen in a while. Why not feel confident and proud of yourself in that new shirt or dress and have your family members shocked and proud of your body transformations.

But most importantly, why not lead a healthy life. What could be better than waking up and feeling active and ready for the day head and still feeling that way in to the evening?!

Don’t forget exercise has a lot of mental health benefits as well as physical. When we exercise we release hormones called endorphins; these give us an instant mood booster and make us feel great. Exercising can help to relieve stress levels that you may have from day to day life and has a knock on effect with weight loss!

How many more positive reasons could you need? No one said it will be easy, but it will be worth it!

Make that change for you today!

Come down and see us at JWC and begin your fitness journey with us…NOW!

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