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"Diet Pills That Work And Are Safe!"

I was driving through Manchester a few days ago and saw an advert for ‘medical weight loss’

You know the script, ‘LOSE up to A STONE IN ONE MONTH’, ‘LOSE 3 DRESS SIZES IN 3 WEEKS’, ‘AFFORDABLE WEIGHT LOSS’. Anyway, I pulled over to have a look online about what the fuss is all about! Yes, I am that sad!

Anyway, when the website loaded, it was full of the usual fluff… A couple of very drastic (potentially photo-shopped) before and after photos, the picture of the scales and tape measure…

The usual stuff. I wasn’t surprised until the next slide came along…

A big sign saying ‘Diet Pills That Work AND are safe’

Their idea of ‘medical weight loss’ was basically a hunger suppressant!! Now, does anyone actually know how a hunger suppressant works?

I’ll give you a quick overview. There are 2 types:

  • Essentially full of fibre which, when mixed with water, grows to around 117% its original size, making you feel less hungry. Side effects – Gas, diarrhoea and bloating (nice right?)

  • Taken before a meal, this will target the adrenal gland causing it to release certain hormones which inhibit the brains hunger signals to the body. Side effects – well let’s look at that.

The adrenal gland is responsible for releasing certain hormones which are essential for us to live and then also certain hormones which aren’t essential for us to live but enable the body to work as it should.

Two of the hormones controlled by the adrenal gland are cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline (fight or flight).

In modern society, we face more stresses than we ever have before!

Just a quick look at that. Workplace stress, fast paced lifestyles, lack of sleep, poor diet, social media, chemicals in our food! Just to name a few!

So, to cope with all these stresses, some of which are all but constant, our adrenal glands secrete cortisol.

And then when we get really stressed or our cortisol levels are too high, it then secretes adrenaline to help us cope with the stress (fight or flight).

Our bodies aren’t used to coping with such a large amount of these hormones and so we become at risk of what is known as adrenal fatigue (that’s a blog for another day)

So with the overuse of our adrenal gland in such a fast paced and stressful way of living anyway, these diet pills then want to add more stress to our adrenal gland?!!

Not for me thanks!!!! What ever did happen to simply having some common sense? You know, being a little more mindful about what we eat, becoming more active. Maybe I'm getting old.

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