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The link between mental and physical health

This month at JWC we are focusing on mental health and how it is just as important as our physical health. When considering mental health and physical health, the two should not be thought of as separate. Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health, leading to an increased risk of certain conditions. It is important more than ever, that we find a safe, manageable balance between the two.

Physical activity in any form is a great way to keep you physically healthy as well as improving your mental wellbeing. By moving your body and increasing your heart rate with a form of exercise you enjoy, you can stimulate the production of endorphins in the bloodstream. Research shows that doing just 10 minutes of exercise helps to release the feel-good chemical in our brain – endorphins.

Below are just a few benefits your mental well-being will receive from being more physically active:

· Increased energy levels

· Increased well being

· Increased confidence

· Increased sleep quality

· Increased mood

· Increased brain power

· Reduce stress levels

· Reduced depression & anxiety

Physically active aside, remember – you must look after your mental health as much as you would focus on your physical health.


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