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Do Home-Workouts, Work-Out?

Full disclosure: I own two gyms and have a gym membership at a different gym!

Here's why...

Home workouts beat no workouts, sure...

In fact, over the past year home workouts are something that we have all had to get used to. But given the choice, would we be better off doing home workout's and saving a few quid each month, or stumping up for a personal trainer or gym membership?

Occasionally I meet somebody who tells me that they train at home and love it. Far more often, I meet people who tell me that they have bought gym equipment to use a handful of times and that has then become an expensive coat-hanger.

I get it. Truth is I can't workout at home.

At home there are far too many distractions and more comfortable places to be. Once you change environments and get in to the gym that all switches. That is your gym time and you're there for one reason! The same applies to me when it comes to working from home. I get distracted and it just doesn't work for me. In fact, I'll drive to the office specifically to do work that I could easily do on my laptop at home!

The same also applies to me training at JWC. I love JWC (obviously!!) and sometimes I get a real desire to workout there. But for you, JWC is 'the gym'. The problem for me is that JWC is work. When I'm at JWC I'm in the headspace of opening emails and answering queries, just like at home I'm in the headspace of opening the washing machine (jokes - I mean the fridge!).

People look at me like I've got two heads when they see me working out at another gym but the investment into a gym membership for me is totally worthwhile, because when I'm at the gym there's no work to do, no queries to deal with and I won't be tempted to start tidying up mid-set.

If workout from home is working-out for you, carry on, I applaud you. If, however, home workouts are a drag, it's time for a change of scenery.


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