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Easter Egg Month - how to combat over indulging...

Easter eggs have been on the shelves for a while now, but it is now the month we can begin to eat them! This is a good time to begin understanding the principle of ‘everything in moderation’.

We are not saying don’t have an Easter Egg this year, what we are saying is that you need to have these sorts of treats and snacks in moderation.

Over indulging and ‘binge eating’ can be a big factor and barrier when it comes to achieving your goals. But the thing that tends to lead us to binge eating, or over eating, tends to be restrictive calories in previous days/weeks…

Every single week you will most likely see an advertisement for a new ‘diet’, and quick way to lose weight, a simple solution to ‘all your problems’. Well we are here to tell you that long term, they do not work.

These sorts of diets are only going to give you short term results. Results that after 3-4 weeks will most probably reverse, or worse.

Diets, that severely restrict your calorie intake will likely result in you binge eating on everything you miss, on a bigger scale than you probably ever would. It is important to be choosing a diet that is going to be sustainable for the long term, that will help you to achieve your goals, but also allow you to live your life.

Calories are the foundation and most important thing to understand when it comes to body composition changes. If you want to lose weight: be in a calorie deficit, if you want to increase your weight: be in a calorie surplus. We understand that not everyone is aware of how many calories they require, but a fitness professional will be able to work this out for you; or alternatively head to our website and we can work it out for you using our online calorie calculator.

Once you know how many calories you are to consume to hit your goal, you can then track your food and ensure you are hitting the number. The plus to this is you can then filter into this number of calories a few little treats here and there, including a portion of your Easter Egg!!

The general rule is 80% healthy, clean, nutrient dense foods – 20% ‘a bit of what you fancy’.

Having a little treat is going to help your mindset avoid a drastic binge day and help you to sustain the new eating lifestyle- which in the long term will help you to achieve your goals, whilst enjoying your life.

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