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Measurements and Photographs

Our member progress tracking option of the week is measurements and photos.

Why should I have my measurements done?

Measurements are an effective, reliable and accurate way of tracking changes to your body composition. Surely, how you look in a mirror and feel in your clothing is more important than what you see as a number on the scales. Ever heard that muscles weigh more than fat? Well this isn’t true. 2kg of muscle is the same a 2kg of fat. 2kg of muscle is just a lot denser and smaller in size than 2kg of fat, which is why your body shape can decrease and alter but not necessarily your ‘weight’ levels.

How does this method work? How do I book in?

We take your measurements from 7 different areas of your body with a tape measure and record all results on your own personal body tracking sheet. These measurements are then to be done every 4 weeks and recorded on your body tracker. You then book this measurements appointment either via your JWC app in one of our designated measurement sessions or alternatively you can contact us, and we can aim to find a slot at a more convenient time for yourself.

Why can’t I just weigh myself?

Have you ever stood on the scale’s week in week out, month to month, and not really seen much change, but you feel like your clothes are looser? Most people have experienced this and that is a big reason why we shouldn’t just believe everything the scales say. Weight loss and fat loss are two different things that a lot of people tend to get mixed up with. Your weight can change throughout the day multiple times. Factors such as, eating patterns and quantities, drinking or not drinking water, exercising, increasing carbohydrates, toilet breaks. All these factors can make your weight change throughout the day, this DOES NOT mean you fat levels have changed. Therefore, we recommend taking measurements because they show more of an accurate result of body composition changes and sticking to 4 weeks and the same time of day helps to make this result more accurate.

What other benefits do I get from tracking my measurements?

Your fitness coach that takes your measurements can have data to then follow and use to work out how your fitness journey is going. Measurements results may not always be positive, this does happen. However, the positive is that you still have data and can there and then, discuss with your JWC coach what your plan is to ensure you get a positive result the next time your measurements are taken.

Why should I take progression photos?

You can’t argue with a camera. If your body composition has changed you will most definitely see this between two photos. It is that simple. Our tips for this are to aim to wear as little of clothing as possible to show as much of your body as possible; especially the areas you believe are your ‘problem areas’, we want to show these off. If you do wear clothing for example, sports bras, workout shorts, try to wear the same ones to help make the photos look as similar as possible - as certain clothing can make your body look different.

Book your measurements in today and start to track your results.

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