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The Link Between Mental & Physical Health...

I think we all know by now that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. Regular exercise releases endorphins to boost mood, helps us manage our mindset and emotions, allows us to remain mobile and allows us feel body confident. In fact, exercise can be given on prescription from your GP if you’re suffering from mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. Every year, JWC choose a charity to support and raise money for through member events and challenges. This year we are working with Visyon; a Congleton based mental health charity. Today, the JWC team have had the opportunity to take part in a mental health awareness workshop to become ‘Community Mental Health Ambassadors’. One thing that stood out to me in the workshop was the comparisson between minor ailments and minor mental health concerns; it was suggested that we are all on the mental health scale just like we all pick up minor ailments, but if you’ve got a minor injury or ailment and somebody asks “are you ok?” you’re quick to answer: “no, I’ve hurt my knee again” yet when we are struggling with our emotions we tend to bottle the problem, put on a smile and go about our day. But why? Why do we still in 2020 have a culture of being embarrassed to ‘not be ok’? In the case of somebody picking up a muscular strain we would have a clear strategy to promote a quick recovery, and so similarly those suffering with their mental health should have the tools and coping mechanisms to assist with the recovery process. When the injury is more severe we may require help from a professional and again, in cases of mental health challenges we should have a support network who can help us deal with those concerns. 

Failing to deal with a minor problem may result in a more serious problem down the line. Take the time to invest in your mental and physical health and look for signs in those around you.  

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