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January was SOOO last month...

Cast your mind back to New Year. Can you believe that was only a month ago?!

At the beginning of January, you likely set yourself a series of goals or resolutions for 2020 and it’s likely that some of those goals involved your health, fitness and overall wellness.

GREAT! 2020 is the year that we FINALLY hit those targets…

But we’re 5-weeks on now and if we’re honest with ourselves, the excitement has died down a little; gym visits are getting less frequent, it’s too cold to get out running and all that planning and prepping meals… well that just a weekday thing, right?

The truth is, you’ve fallen into the same pattern that more than 60% of people do when setting off on a New Year’s fitness journey. The problem is likely that you jumped head first in to your goals without considering the; how, when and why behind those goals. Just because it's January, doesn't mean that you can wave a magic want and achieve sudden motivation - quite the opposite, in fact. Everybody is at it - the gym is busy, personal trainers have less availability than ever, the mornings are cold and evenings are dark, there's still Christmas chocolates lying around and it's a known fact that this, the most difficult month of the year actually last about three months!! But do not fear (must be read in a superhero voice) we're here to help with our exciting ‘Make February the New January’ initiative.

We have worked with hundreds of people who have the same mindset and who have fallen at the same hurdles.

That’s why we want to encourage you to meet with a JWC coach to nail down your goals once and for all. This is an opportunity to learn how to set SMART goals, unpick your mindset blocks and break down your personal barriers to help you achieve real, sustainable results once and for all.

This 30-minute ‘Make February the New January’ goal setting session is 100% free of charge but is limited to the first 10 people…. Head over to out contact page now to get in touch and reserve your space.

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