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Creating Success

Most of us, even just two weeks in to 2019 are already struggling to stay on course...

And by the end of January, in another two weeks time, more than 60% of New Year gym joiners will have given up.

You see, we set these exciting resolutions and we do it with the best will in the world. We truly believe that we can and that we will stick to them. That this year is going to be ‘different’.

But there’s one problem - we are doing the same as last year. We’re trying to solve the same problem with the same method that DIDN’T work last time. Everybody knows that if you want to achieve something that you’ve never managed to achieve before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

That’s why I always encourage people not to rush into their New Year’s resolutions. To think about it, to plan it, to set clear goals and measure your success. It’s much like starting a business...

- You must first write a plan, set some goals and decide how you’re going to track your success (or potential failure - let’s be realistic)

- You’ll consider what your barriers to success might be and how to navigate around these.

- You’ll likely have somebody more experienced than you look at your plan to ensure it’s realistic and achievable.

- As you’re going along, you’ll be reviewing and tweaking.

Have you done all If the above? Do you know how to?

This is why people come to JWC.

We’ll work with you on all of the above before beginning. We’ll meet with you regularly to ensure that you’re staying on track and moving in the right direction. If you veer off track, which you almost certainly will at some point, we’ll be there to help you get back on course.

We have a team of coaches waiting to work with you, and we really are the best in the business.

Come and see us today and experience The JWC Difference for yourself.

Book your consultation today. No cost, no commitment, no pressure.

Get in touch, thank you.

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