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How to not let the Christmas binge effect your fat loss!

If, like me, you're foodie, you'll have no intentions of limiting your Christmas dinner allowance. In fact, if you're anything like me, you'll be digging out your stretch pants as we speak! They say the average Brit consumes approximately 5000 calories on Christmas day - double the average daily calorie requirement!

Now lets be honest, that is excessive, so maybe step one is to consider whether that is really necessary.

But by spreading a small calorie deficit over 10 days you could pretend those 5000 calories never happened! So to reiterate:

Average calorie requirement: 2500

Average Christmas calorie intake: 5000 Total Christmas calorie surplus: 2500

It's 5 days until Christmas and let's assume we'll be working for 5 days afterwards to even out these calories (10 days total)

2500 ÷ 10 = 250 calories per day (10% of your daily calorie requirement)

So by reducing your calories by just 10% for just 10 days you can pretend the Christmas binge never happened.

It really is that simple! You'll have to do this calculation for yourself and if you need help working out your requirements or the calculations, please do get in touch.

I'd also consider that if you've numerous Christmas meals/nights out you may have to fiddle the figures to suit, but you get the principle, right?

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