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Beat the Christmas bulge

Top tips to help you beat the bulge

Lets be honest, the typical person throws their 'diet' out the window during the Christmas period. They tell themselves that it will be ok to start again in a few weeks.

This is when the majority of weight gain is seen throughout the year, in the form of extra body fat.

The result, come January you look, feel and perform at your all time worst, cursing your will power and stating that you will never do that again.

You decide that enough is enough, and get back on the road to recovery, but the damage has already been done and a couple of weeks poor eating has set you back months of progress.

This cycle repeats every year and in the long run, you never truly achieve the body and health you want.

So this year, you are going to do it differently and come January, you will not only have enjoyed Christmas, but still be achieving High Performance Living; looking, feeling and performing awesome.

Granted, this can be easier said than done, so this blog is going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to eat and be healthy this Christmas;

"Don't let food be the boss of you"

1. Real food

This is the most important tool in the box this Christmas. It is a time of year were processed junk foods are at the forefront of shop counters and marketing company’s advertisements.

Base all your meals on solid food choices to provide you with higher quality nutrients and to keep you fuller for longer. Avoid the manufactured foods high in sugar, artificial sweeteners and trans fats. It is the season to enjoy great tasting food, but real food comes first and lots of it.

Chances are, it is not the overeating of turkey, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts that cause the problems, it's the chocolate bars and cakes.

2. Never go hungry

We all know what happens when we get too hungry, we reach for the nearest convenient food. During this time of year, when the kitchen cupboards are well stocked in preparation for the big day, that is the food you will eat first.

Continue to prepare your meals on a daily basis and eat according to hunger levels. This will keep satiety levels in check and provide your body with the right nutrients to perform optimally. It will kill cravings and help ensure you do not reach for the poor food choices we are surrounded by this time of year.

3. Conduct daily exercise

Your goal should be to create the highest energy turnover (the body's demand for calories) you can on a day-to-day basis, meaning daily exercise is essential to do so.

This all works by improved nutrient partitioning – our body’s ability to use the food we give it. In other words, more calories go to our muscles for growth and repair, while less are put to fat cells for storage.

By exercising daily, you will increase your body's demand for calories, meaning you can eat more while still maintaining or burning body fat in the process.

Ideally, you exercise daily in some shape or form. I always recommend at least 2-3 full body weight training sessions per week with 1-2 high intensity interval sessions, such as sprinting or circuit training and then 1-2 low intensity sessions such as walking.

4. Delay the Christmas shop

How often do you eat something simply because it is in the house and right under your nose? Exactly.

Delay the main Christmas shop until 1-2 days before the big day. Buying all the extra food and drink weeks in advance will only lead to one thing. Temptation!!

If the common Christmas foods are not available to you in an arm’s length, chances are you will not want them nor miss them.

5. Buy online

Going to the typical supermarkets at this time of year means you are going to be surrounded by junk food. If you are guilty of impulse buying, on line shopping is the best way for you to ensure you do not fill the trolley with poor food choices.

Buying food online is relatively easy these days and all the large supermarkets now offer this service. All you need to know is what you require, and it is even delivered in bags to your front door the very next day. Aside from the reduced impulse buys, you can save a lot of time as a result too.

Alternatively, you could ensure you have a good shopping list to work from when in the store. This means you do not need to spend time browsing and can head straight to the correct aisles to pick up the foods you need.

6. Avoid intolerance's

If you suffer from certain food intolerances, it's important to still refrain from eating these the entire Christmas period. Consuming your food intolerances, along with increased food and alcohol amounts, you are setting yourself up for even more long-term damage.

Keep the digestive system healthy this coming Christmas season and your body will be in a better position to handle the demands you may be placing on it from time to time.

Depending on your severity, you may find food intolerances catching up with you much quicker than the over eating or late nights.

7. Enjoy yourself

Nobody is suggesting you starve or lock yourself away this Christmas, but simply respect balance, as too much of the ‘bad stuff’ will have a negative effect on your body composition and health markers.

Furthermore, any diet or nutrition system that can't withstand 1-2 days of overeating on real food is probably not worth following.

Here at JWC we can give you all the support and help you need to get you through this festive period with as little weight gain as possible, thus giving you the platform for further success into the new year.

Our beginner to winner course starts on 4th January which is perfect to start your fitness journey or as a perfect gift for someone.

If you are struggling for Christmas gift ideas, then gift voucher are also available. They can be used towards Personal Training, membership, nutrition sessions, beginner to winner or massages.

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