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Top Ten Takeaway Tips

1. Focus on the positives – When setting out on a fitness journey if we predominantly focus on the push motivators, the things we dislike about our current situation or the things that are causing us a negative emotional response we are more likely to fail than if we focused on the pull motivators, which provide us with something to be excited about. We are more likely to maintain motivation when we celebrate the little wins and feel grateful for our achievements.

2. Be clear on your goals - Before setting off on any journey, we must have a destination in mind, we need to be able to see the future and remain committed to that goal.

3. Use mental rehearsal to keep focused – This is a technique used by professionals to create strong, reiterated messages in the nervous system and makes skills and behaviours automatic. Plan time out in your day to visualise the person you are as if you have already achieved your goals. What does this now give you? How does this make you feel? What new opportunities do you have?

4. Understand your barriers – Understanding the elements in your life which will likely cause you some resistance on your journey allows us to be prepared if it was to occur. By creating counterarguments to your problems and having a plan to get back on track following a potential fall, ensures our journey continues. Life isn’t perfect, so we must manage our expectations of this.

5. Progress comes from effort – Our brain is like any other muscles and becomes stronger the more we exercise it. If you are struggling with a negative mindset, take the time to understand it and make positive steps to overcome it.

6. Do not be too restrictive – perfectionist mentality on a very restrictive plan has the potential to create negative self-limiting beliefs when we are unable to stick to the plan.

7. There are two types of hunger – Physical hunger, which is your body responding to the need of nutrients or fuel and Emotional hunger, which is eating for any other reason.

8. Manage your expectations – Don’t allow your expectations to knock you off track but learn to adapt to the inevitable changes of life. Avoid complaining and blaming, instead focus on making adaptions to your external and internal world to maintain consistency in an imperfect journey to health.

9. Surround yourself with positivity – Join a community of like minded people and utilise the support of others who understand what you are trying to achieve. If you cannot find this be the positivity you need to influence the people around you to make better choices.

10. Take control – this is your opportunity, this is your time, take control of your journey and make the changes you need to make.

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