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Strength Training for Fat Loss

Having healthy levels of lean muscle has many
benefits on the body.


Muscle burns calories - Having more muscle means that your body requires more energy to carry out its
daily tasks. That means that even sitting down reading this, your muscles are burning up to 4 times more
calories compared to the equal amount of body fat!

Lifting weight adds shape to your body - the best way to create curves in all the right places is to strengthen and grow the muscles in those areas through weight training.

It's a great mental boost - Nothing feels as good as getting stronger. Being able to walk up to those
weights with confidence and finding that the weight you struggled with 2 weeks ago has begun to feel
lighter is great for your self-esteem.

It will enhance your cardio performance - The great thing about an active lifestyle is that there are no rules
on what you should or shouldn't be doing. One day you may be bench pressing in the gym and the next
mountain biking in North Wales. Building up your muscle strength helps in all areas of your life - you will
swim better, run faster and be able to carry shopping bags with ease.

It is great for your health - Not only will you look and feel better, studies have shown that people who train
with weights generally have a better quality of sleep. When you are committed to a fitness regime, you are
also more likely to make healthier food choices and increase your water consumption throughout the day.
This means an increase in energy, improved sleep, a reduction in body fat, an improved body composition
and more confidence.

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. It allows you to retain the muscle you have
whilst in a calorie deficit to lose weight as well as burning calories at an accelerated rate for up to 72
hours post workout due to your body renewing and replenishing.

Knowledge is key - Are you ready to take control and begin seeing successful results?

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