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How Often Should I be Exercising

As we increase our calorie expenditure though training it is important that our calorie consumption matches this in order to maintain our body composition.


When we set out on a fitness journey understanding how often we should be training allows you to plan
and implement your new regime efficiently ensuring you obtain results without working our bodies into

As a beginner to exercise and if you have been sedentary for some time it is vital we listen to our
bodies and ease ourselves into a new fitness regime to avoid injury or stress to our muscles and joints.
As a general rule for a beginner to exercise: 3 - 4 exercise sessions each week with a rest day in
between each session is adequate to obtain results whilst ensuring our body has enough recovery time.

Reviewing your progress at regular stages throughout your journey will allow you to re-evaluate your
approach should you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your training.

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