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Your Member Benefits

The JWC health & Fitness experience goes far beyond a typical gym membership. In our 15 years, primarily as a personal training business, we have analysed what’s required to not just take the first step to a healthier lifestyle, but to sustain those changes long-term. That’s why it was so important that on your consultation we discussed your exercise history, set some clear and realistic goals, and took your stats to begin tracking your progress. It’s also why we encourage you to make the most of JWC’s ‘Member Benefits’.

Nutrition Once you walk through the doors at JWC, we’ll take care of your exercise, ensuring that each and every visit is enjoyable and effective. What you do once you leave the gym, however, we can not control, but we can support with.

Our coaches can advise you on the principles of nutrition for fat loss, health, or weight gain. We can assist you with setting realistic calorie and macronutrient goals and support you in tracking this to give you the best possible chance of success.

Speak to a coach in club or

to book your 15-minute nutrition appointment!

Goal Setting and Accelerator Appointment There will almost certainly come a time in your fitness journey where your motivation levels fade. Don’t worry, this is normal and part of a healthy fitness journey. How we respond to these, however, could determine our future progress. A lack of energy or enthusiasm is usually a sign of fatigue, signalling that it’s time for a few days planned rest and recovery, possibly with a sports massage to help you along or maybe it is that you’ve lost sight of your goals and need to reset, re-evaluate, or refocus.

Speak to a coach in club or contact us to book your 15-minute goal setting or accelerator appointment!

Fitness Test If body composition isn’t your thing, and your more motivated by performance, the fitness test is for you. This is a series of short exercises repeated over time to test your fitness and strength, allowing you to quantify your physical performance gains. Speak to a coach in club or contact us to book your 30-minute fitness test appointment!

InBody Composition Analysis (£10 for one, £30 for six) Gym memberships have a reputation of running their course within several weeks or a very short number of months. We are working hard to combat this! One of the main reasons that people give up on their fitness is a lack of results, or in many cases lack of perceived results. We as people are self-critical. We’re exceptionally good at spotting the areas where we don’t see progress whilst disregarding the small wins. Often, we look in the mirror after a few weeks of exercise and our eye’s immediately wonder to those stubborn areas. It’s true that maybe it’s too soon to physically see results in these areas, but what if we can show you? That is what progress tracking is about. In most cases, we can evidence to you that things are starting to move in the right direction which serves as a boost to push forwards. In a small number of cases, things don’t quite go the way we expect. Looking at this yourself, you may be tempted to think “what is the point?”, but with a JWC coach by your side we can use this to determine what needs to change to ensure that next time is more positive. Speak to a coach in club or contact us to book your 15-minute Inbody appointment!


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