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Do you know what you're made of?

When it comes to health and weight management, it's important to know your starting point and to be able to accurately keep track of your progress.

Traditionally, people would monitor their progress via body weight alone using scales. Body weight, however, only tells us a very small part of the story. There are many variables causing fluctuations in weight. This is especially challenging for those who exercise regularly, and any fat loss can be easily countered by muscle gain, leaving you feeling frustrated by what appears to be a lack of progress.

This is the reason that so many people quit after a month. You work hard, restrict some of your fun and flexibility only to hop on the scales and see no change.

At JWC we made the decision to invest in industry leading technology allowing us to scan with accuracy; body fat mass,

visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, body water and more, giving us a true insight into health indicators and parameters as well as composition change.

Being able to show this data is key in maintaining motivation!

Sound confusing and a little scary?

An InBody analysis simply provides data. We'll thoroughly explain this data and discuss what this means for you, what areas require the most attention and how you can make simple lifestyle improvements to ensure lasting optimal health.


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