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Can we relate the stresses of Christmas to your fitness...

Are you one of those people who’s already bought and wrapped all your presents, organised the decorations, replaced all the broken bulbs from the outside lights and ordered your Christmas dinner food shop?

Or are you at the opposite end of the spectrum?

Keep putting everything off?

‘It’s ages away yet’, ‘I’ve got loads of time’, ‘I’ll start next weekend’?!

These are just a few of the things we tell ourselves, so we don’t have to get started with the stresses of Christmas organisation!

Many of us usually keep this up until Christmas is a week away and then we check our schedules for the next week and realise that between work, family plans and Christmas do’s, we have roughly 7 minutes spare before the big day... ... and realise that it would have been far less stressful 6 weeks earlier!

We run around like crazy for the next week, grabbing presents when and where we can, wrapping late into the night and generally getting all stressed out rather than enjoying the special time of year!

Silly, isn’t it?! And yes, I am talking from experience!

All we need to do is to start buying presents as we go along throughout the year and come Christmas, we’d be the most chilled out person in the world!

It really is that simple and even if we still have a couple of loose ends to tie up, it’s still considerably better than having to do the whole lot in one big, stress filled rush!

Now change the presents to your own fitness…

It’s the same when a lot of people want to get in shape for their holidays or work do’s or weddings or whatever the occasion.

Are you one of those people who leaves it right to the last minute and then stresses about it rather than enjoying the event itself?

The answer?

The same as the Christmas prep problem!

Just start a little earlier!

Fitness should become a lifestyle choice not a 6-week quick fix choice.

So, breathe, take steady steps, continue your fitness journey, keep improving, keep doing your best, and you’ll always be Christmas body ready that way. That said, there's no wrong time to start, so I don't want to be hearing any of that 'we'll start in the New Year, rubbish!

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