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Does Discipline Exist?!

DISCIPLINE… Discipline has been our accidental word of the week following a run of the mill Instagram post which subsequently gained a lot of traction amongst our followers. The post read: “You can’t always be motivated, which is why you must be disciplined” The post was challenged and the question was put forward: “Does discipline really exist and is the word too harsh for an increasingly softer world?” First my opinion: I guess it depends on your personality type and what makes you as a person tick. For me, I’m quite a matter of fact person and would prefer a firm kick then gentle guidance. I want somebody to tell me to shut up and get on with it not to hold my hand and talk about my feelings. That said, I’m more than aware that just within JWC’s members we have many people who require many different techniques to stay motivated. Now for what our followers had to say: Following this post, I put the question forward to the world of social media and the overwhelming majority of people found that the word discipline worked for them. It meant something to them. They understood it. To summarise: The general consensus was that the word discipline resonates with a lot of people, however, for some this may need adapting to seem less intimidating. Ultimately, if your barrier to keeping in shape is a tendency to scoff biscuits or if you’re weekly wine consumption is through the roof, it’s going to take discipline to curb that. If you struggle to drag yourself out of bed for a morning workout and that’s the only time of day that you can make it work for you then it’s going to take discipline to get into that routine. I’m glad that the post was challenged. I think we should always question and be critical, especially when it comes to our health and well-being. This is how we begin to understand ourselves and the people around us.

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